Wedneday May 10 – Nierstein…Gehring Winery

A family enjoying tonight's sunset.
Driving through the forest on our way to Kriftel

Well today has been a really big but exciting day. We headed off this morning to Kriftel, just out of Frankfurt to the Velotechnic factory to pick up Ian’s electric assist recumbent bike that he had ordered from the NZ agent about 2 months ago. We were very aware last year that we wanted to go places that were further than we could walk, but as Ian is unable to sit on a bike seat (after a horse accident 30 years ago!!) a normal bike was not the answer. After much research he found this bike and there was a NZ agent in Levin. After a trip to check it out and have a test drive decided this would be the answer and he ordered one to collect at the factory.
Great excitement as we arrived at the factory and thankfully the contact guy spoke English. Then came the fun of seeing how we could fit it into the “boot” area of the van. Initially it looked hopeless but after collapsing the bike and some rearranging it fitted in fine. Mind you quite a bit of the stuff that was in the boot ended up in the van temporarily. Ian took it for a test drive around the factory and all went well, now he has to read the manual and learn how to use it properly.
Didn't think it was going to fit...a few grim faces!
First ride in the "Rolls"
Then it was my turn and the factory recommended a good bike store in the same town. They had a great collapsible e-bike and I took it for a spin around outside the shop and it felt really good. The next issue was to see if we could get it to fit in the boot with the recumbent so once again we need to declutter a bit more but great relief to find it would fit as well. So I have the "Mini" and Ian has the "Rolls"!!!
By now the van seemed to have quite a bit of stuff inside but Ian promised me everything would finally fit with a bit of re-arranging. Leo, the chap in the store was just wonderful, explaining how everything worked then helped us getting helmets, security chains and panniers. We really are green when it comes to biking but guess we have to start somewhere.
So many bikes
My little "mini"!
Leo was so helpful.
Decided we needed to spend a few days where we could get everything organised and delighted to find a Stellplatz at a winery about an hour’s drive from Kriftel. What a great location, parked in a grassed area surrounded by vines and a winery right on our doorstep. It’s on a high point with huge views, can even see Frankfurt in the distance. We had a little bit of a spin on the bikes tonight, feel a little nervous but know how much fun we will have on them and hopefully it will give us plenty of exercise.
Tonight, there was a glorious sunset and then I looked behind me and saw the full moon. 
The Rolls and the Mini

Inside the boot with the two bikes and still room to spare.

View across to Frankfurt from the camp site


Dean Lippy said…
Great stuff with the bikes Meg.
Please keep Koro away from any bike pants.. ...
Keep safe. Looking forward to Photo's of your first trip into town...
Meg Lipscombe said…
Oh no, can't bear the thought Deano.