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Tuesday Spetember 10, Lake Tarawera NZ

Brrr....reflections in a wintery looking pond. It certainly hasn’t been a warm welcome back to New Zealand with a cool artic blast coming through, leaving us with a midday temperature of 6 degrees. Really noticing it after our European summer. We had an uneventful trip home with a 12 hour stop in Singapore with a welcome shower and sleep in the transit hotel. Took the opportunity to take the train from Terminal 3 to Terminal 2 and check out the new Jewel area, with its amazing waterfall and trees. Only got a view from the train as being out of the transit area we couldn’t stop but looks really impressive. It was great to catch up with all the family over the weekend, including Heatherbelle who is doing well now after catching some winter bugs. The grandsons have both shot up in the four months we have been away, now as tall as Ian. Arrived back at the lake Sunday afternoon and lit the fire and it has been going every since. Ian woke Monday with a raw throat and a full on

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