Sunday May 7 – Elsdorf, Germany

The before and afters of the white asparagus.
Just sooo good!

After yesterday’s glorious weather woke this morning to grey skies and mist…and very cold again. The weather really is very changeable. Had a good book so was in no hurry to get up! We have both got Kindle’s this year as the logistics of carrying around enough books for 4 months wasn’t good as there is very little chance of picking up an English reading book in Europe. Still miss my “real” books but getting used to using the Kindle. 

Neighbours Chris and Peter were heading off this morning for a walk to a nearby farm that they had found yesterday that grew white asparagus and they offered to get some for us too. This is a major crop in this area as well as in Belgian and Southern Holland. We duly had a nice big bundle delivered along with the instructions of how to cook it. They have really thick stalks which are peeled and cooked for about 8 minutes, buttered, salt and peppered and served with crumbled hard boiled eggs. I cooked it tonight and it was absolutely delicious, such a delicate flavour with a tender texture. Will be looking out to see if we can get some more.

Had a walk around part of the lake this morning before we left. We only had a short drive today of less than an hour through the countryside to Elsdorf where we are overnighting at the yard of a camper service centre ready for our booking at 8am in the morning. We had been here at the end of our trip last year, Hitten introduced us to this company. We had a few things done but wanted to get some extra security put on the doors along with a safe installed in the wardrobe, so Hitten made this booking for us and will get all that organised tomorrow. It’s not the prettiest camping spot, surrounded with buildings and yards but there is power and other services and we have been joined by another camper who is getting work done in the morning. Had a walk this evening but a rather uninspiring industrial area.


Rainie said…
The asparagus does sound nice, I expect we could do this with our green variety. You're story about Jilly resonated with two similar episodes wth our Dora in Ireland, she was definitely blonde at times, but gave us opportunities to see rural areas we would never seen otherwise. Go well x
Pamlyn said…
What happened to the white wine or had you drunk it all?
Chris and Peter said…
To Pamlyn: I am afraid, the neighbours (Chris and Peter) drank it all on Saturday... But it was delicious and a great chat we had! Glad to have met you, Ian and Meg, looking forward to your adventures!