Tuesday May 9 – Another night at Braubach

So many cruise boats.

This was such a beautiful spot with all facilities that we decided to stay another night. It really was an interesting morning as there were so many cruise boats on the river, some really lavish, others a bit older and simpler. Evidently from Koblenz upstream, it is considered one of the most beautiful stretches of the river with so many castles, so the boats make sure and see them during daylight.
And the weather came right, blue skies and sun, although there was a cool breeze and the temperatures weren’t that high. Time to do some washing and clean up then we headed off to explore the village. It is classed as a world heritage site and the buildings date from the 1600’s. Walking through the little narrow streets with half-timbered houses still preserved and on interesting angles. Love the joinery. And everywhere spring gardens are in with pansies flowering, lilac in bloom and roses are just starting to come out.
So many choices.
We went to the bakery and brought some rolls for lunch, then the fruit and veggie shop for some fresh fruit before going to the butcher/deli. Just love these shops and have such a job choosing what we want. The lady was very good, and although she didn’t speak English, we have learnt the German words for the different types of meat and with some pointing and sign language bought some marinated port steaks along with a few other delicacies. Something so nice to buy the day’s food in the morning.
A rather lazy afternoon, I wandered back into town with my camera and Ian pottered around with the van before sitting out in the sun, reading books and watching the river traffic.
Lots of town photos today - such a unique place.
...Thanks so much for your comments on the blog, really appreciate them. 

Came across this old building that had seen better days.

Loved these pansies in pots then popped in a sock and hung on a rope.

And one for you VickiB


Vicki Bright said…
All rather like the Pied Piper of Hamelin. Delightful choices in that shop. Ed would have been in his element. I guess Icarus flies along the river. Keep on enjoying.
Rainie said…
I've just googled where you are, sounds and looks divine. We did a Rhine Cruise a few years back, the villages are quaint to our Kiwi eyes, the castles beautiful. Enjoy your photos of the shops/bars and the people in them.
Anonymous said…
Sounding and looking so picturesque Meg...love the row of sock pots : )) Jen
Meg Lipscombe said…
Vicki, it really was a cute village...and can stand and look at these delis for ages. Wish I knew what to with some of these things.