Monday May 8 – Braubach -On the Rhine, Germany

The castle that towers on the cliff above us. Like a fairytale.

It was an early start with breakfast and tidying up over, ready to have Klaus from Fischer start work at 8am. Tim from the office spoke English so he interpreted for us. We had alarms and locks fitted to the two back garage doors and a large safe fitted inside, plus some other bits and pieces. Really aware of being extra careful as there so many stories about issues of break-ins in motorhomes especially in France. Unfortunately, the extra locks for the front doors didn’t fit so they will have to order them for us.
The weather is so cold today, and as we walked into the little town this morning it felt like a really cold NZ winter’s day with temperatures only 9 degrees and a chill wind. Found a little café and stopped for a coffee… and a cherry pastry!
The Schneider Cafe
A sneaky photo of this chap sitting in the cafe with his book, smokes,
and a bottle of coke. When we walked past 2 hours later he was still there!
I wonder what the caption here would be.

Evidently an old Asylum that has fallen into disrepair. Very bleak looking.

Must have been the old stables.
The workshop shuts down completely from 12 till 1 so they offered us a car to go out but we decided to walk instead. Used the app on the phone to look for somewhere to eat and followed the directions to the nearest one, about 1 km away and what a delight. It was a little “pub” opened less than 2 months ago by Michael an Australian/German, the chef Tim was Australian and friend Tim who was English. No language problems here so able to have a really good chat along with a great chicken Caesar salad for lunch. Michael showed us around and downstairs was a German bowling alley which is a bit different to normal 10 pin bowling, Ian managed quite well.
Michael the owner...
...and Tim the Chef, proudly showing his Australian flag.

It was after 3 before all the work was done. I had been onto my trusty phone app to find a Stellplatz and spotted an excellent one right on the Rhine about 1 ½ hours’ drive away. Set Jilly with the GPS co-ordinates and we used the motorways to head south and passed through some beautiful countryside, rolling tree covered hills and cultivated land with small villages in the valleys. Top marks to Jilly today, between her and Ian’s driving we managed to wind our way through the maze of motorways and cloverleaves in Koblenz during 5 o’clock rush hour traffic and safely arrive at this really wonderful spot. €10 a night, right on the river, and including electricity and other facilities. Couldn’t be better. A delightful 17th century town is behind us, nestled at the base of a huge cliff with a castle at the top. Lots to investigate tomorrow.
Such a view looking across the river tonight.


Pamlyn said…
I feel sure Schneider would approve.
Chris and Peter said…
You are really good at finding top places! Contacted Joanne from the Bumbles, they booked a ferry and leave on Monday! So good news, you might bumble into them! All the best! Take care.