Thursday October 20, Schiltach

The wonderful historic town of Schiltah
More rain overnight, but have been really lucky all day with only a few spits, although certainly it has turned cooler. Able to use the camps wifi this morning in the café to finally get my backlog of blogs loaded, so a little later getting on the road.
Our first stop was the small town of Endingen, not far from camp, where I had been told I should be able to find a Vodafone store. It is not easy to get parking in these old historic towns and today was no different, finally found a spot to park which meant a good walk…although the exercise is good. No photos though as realised I didn’t have my little Sony in my handbag.Finally found a great guy who had my data all set up on the phone in no time at all. Relief. Then a stop at Edeka with lunch in the van in their carpark before finally getting going.
We are heading gradually north again to Trier where we want to spend time travelling up the Mosel River region. Decided not to go to France this trip, will save that up for next year and just have a good look around this wonderful South West corner of Germany and the Black Forest.
We left the flat Rhine River valley and travelled North on 294 which turned out to be a really good drive through beautiful quintessential Black Forest landscapes, autumn colours everywhere. We were back into more farmland with large chalet type homes. Surprisingly the traffic was light which made it even more enjoyable. And with a couple of tunnels going through the hills, it reminded us of Norway!
I checked in my Stellplatz book and found there was one in the small historic town of Schiltach so popped the co-ordinates into Jilly and what a fabulous surprise….this really is a picture perfect historic town on the Kinzig River, with half-timbered houses and cobbled streets. Ian drove through some tight spots to get to the Stellplatz which overlooks the river and the town which is only about 100 metres walk across a bridge. It is in a carpark, and is free to park overnight and even has free electricity to plug into. After finding a spot we quickly walked into town before the shops shut and it got dark. It was really enjoyable walking around the streets which seem to cling to the side of the hill along with the houses.
Seems like we are back in Norway with the tunnels!

Huge houses - think this was a guest house

Love the Black Forest

Schiltach on the Kinzig River

The view outside our camper door