Friday October 21 Pirmasens

So many old castle ruins in this area
 Such a great overnight spot in a beautiful location, except when you are in the middle of a town carpark, the cars start arriving soon after 7 so no chance of a sleep in! Can’t complain as really enjoyed the location.

Once again some rain overnight, but a dry day, although a bit on the cool side. As we left town and headed up the valley to Freundenstadt, once again through the beautiful Black Forest in its autumn coat, the temperature dropped to 4.5 degrees. The scenery is great with the odd crumbling castle popping up on top of the hills. Meandered along and stopped for a lunch break in Gernsbach then continued on skirting around Karlsruhe on the freeways (without a wrong turn thanks to Jilly!) before heading North East through more wonderful country to Pirmasens.
Found a Stellplatz that was near the centre of town so loaded the GPS and came straight here. Always pleased when there is an available space, there were already 3 others here in this small area of a carpark. Hooked up to electricity, donned our coats and went walk about to check out the town. Ended up feeling a little disappointed, as apart from a few highlights it lacked any atmosphere….guess we have been spoilt by some great historic towns lately. So back to Ruakiwi, heater on, feet up and a relaxing evening.

Autumn colours

Crossing the Rhine on the Autobahn....a view out the side window.