Monday October 17, Durbach

Just love the patterns of these vineyards
Sybille and Martin went off to work early this morning, we were a little later!! There was no rush as we had a short drive down the valley, through Offenburg then up the next valley to Durbach. I had read about this small village in our guide book and S & M also recommended it so we headed directly to the Stellplatz that is right in the village. No sun today, but really warm.

Coming into the valley, we were surrounded by hills covered in vines, forming such patterns. Great Stellplatz that can hold a large number of motorhomes but there are only power outlets for 8 vans, luckily soon after arriving we quickly took up an outlet after one of the vans left. There is such a good feeling to this area, and everything is within walking distance so have decided to spend a few days here. From the van we can look up into the hills and watch the progress of the harvest
Wandered into town soon after midday, only to find that everything shuts from 12 until 2.30 except for the little bakeries and cafes, so seemed like a good idea to stop for lunch and watch the world go by…up the little narrow street. Tractors are up and down, pulling trailers loaded with large metal bins full with both white and black grapes.
Spotted a “friseur” in town – learning some German words now, and this is a hairdresser. Apart from a little trim by Conny a few weeks ago I haven’t had my haircut since the end of June and finally it has all got too much, went in to make an appointment. The girl could speak no English, but decided to give it a go and between us we made an appointment for tomorrow morning at 10am. Will keep you posted.
Wandered back to the van, Ian relaxed with his book and I got my camera and meandered up into the hills …. both very happy! Had planned to walk back into town a bit later but the rain started …a good excuse for a lazy evening!
View from our campsite.

Couldn't believe seeing these kiwifruit...but they weren't very big!

Patterns and more patterns

Playing with my camera

I was surprised to see this skull - loved to have known the story, but just too hard to find someone to ask.

I could even have bought a national costume

An old winepress dating from the 1700's in the town centre

The tractors were busy taking the grapes to the wineries

Unbelievable cakes and every town.


Our Bumble said…
Wonderful photos - everywhere is so clean. You look like you are enjoying every moment despite the rain. Well hope the rain is replaced with plenty blue skies for you x x.

I have a confession to make! I kept checking your blog and could not see any updates. I assumed you'd stopped blogging, so I was going to drop you an email. Then I noticed something....I didnt realise blogger auto takes you back to the last post you viewed rather than your latest / home pack. On the positive, I now have September still to read x x x