Wednesday August 9th Saarburg Germany

The old and the "new-er" ....leaving France

Yes, we have finally left France after 87 days of almost circumnavigating the country. We felt quite sad as the last three months have been really amazing, we have met so many wonderful people, eaten such great food and consumed some really good wine!!! It is a country with a wonderful variation of scenery and the architecture and building materials varied so much within regions depending on what was available locally. It is “Au revoir” to France…we will be back!
This morning we got the bikes out, planning a ride along the Meuse River but the trail was not very good. We rode along some of the country roads but they were quite busy and decided to turn around and call it quits and head for Germany. As we were leaving we got talking to an English couple on a really nice houseboat. They invited us on board to have a look and it had Ian drooling!!! It had an 80 year old steel hull but had been completing rebuilt inside, oiled wood interior. It was 20 metres long and quite wide and felt like a proper small house. Sadly, I didn’t take my camera so no photos! 
Gave Jilly free range to get us to Saarburg and we had no arguments!! It meant crossing into Luxembourg first then into Germany. The contrast between France and Luxembourg was huge, the road sides were unkempt and the road signs were grimy, it really hit us as we have been so impressed with the tidiness of France.

French War memorial

Arriving in Luxembourg...looking a tad derelict.
Arriving into Germany felt so familiar, although found when I was talking to the man at the camp I was using French words and couldn’t remember how to say :”hello” and “ thank you” in German! We have a nice spot near the Saar Riverwith bike trails everywhere and the town is not far away by bike. Suspect we might be here for a few days. Not many photos today..sorry!
Tonight's view