Sunday August 6, Mutigny, Champagne Region

Champagne - yes!!!

Woke to one of the best mornings with clear blue skies and the promise of a really nice day with temperatures in the low 20’s, just the most perfect weather to be travelling in.
Beautiful refelctions on the canal.
Almost 3 months ago when we first arrived in France, we met Mandy from England who was travelling with her dog Honey. She had just started her first trip in her campervan. We have kept in touch and were both going to be in the Champagne region at the same time. Mandy had been here for a few days and recommended this Aire in Mutigny, near Epernay as a great place to catch up.
Put the co-ordinates in Jilly and set off for a great drive. We were so surprised with it being a Sunday that the roads were really quiet, maybe everyone is away on holiday! After a stop at Intermarche in Compiegne for supplies (supermarkets in the North seem to be open on a Sunday morning, shutting at 12.30) we continued on skirting around Soissons and finally back into wine country near Reims. Epernay is the heart of Champagne and the rolling hills are covered in vines, it really was breath-taking on such a beautiful morning. It was off the main road and through some very small villages before winding up a hill to Mutigny with views for miles in all directions. The Aire which is quite new is not large but has all facilities and just perfect.
Vines for Moet!

Driving up to Mutigny
Mandy was already there when we arrived mid-afternoon and before long we had a bottle of bubbles open (not champagne as hadn’t been to a cellar yet!) and spent the afternoon sitting in the shade sharing stories from the last three months. Just so much to talk about.
There ended up with six campers overnighting, many nationalities and everyone was so friendly and with our tables set up outside it was a really great atmosphere.
Catch up with Mandy

View from the campsite - it doesn't get better!

A very nice Aire

Evening light


Pam said…

Haven't visited your blog in a while and was thinking about you two this morning. Your August 6 pictures look much like Napa! I'll have to go back and look at all of your posts. When are you leaving for home? Let me know if you are going through SFO.