Thursday August 10th Saarburg, Germany

Saarburg from the path into town.

Summer really is taking a holiday, very grey today with showery rain and cold enough to put a sweatshirt on! A good day to read books and catch up with a few things as we have quite good free wifi in this camp. Brought my Travel Map up to date and while Ian put his feet up this afternoon I put a coat on and walked into the town of Saarburg, only about 1.5 kms away. Such a pretty historic town with cafes surrounding the canal and waterfall that runs through the middle. Geraniums are everywhere making a splash of colour. And loved a bit of retail therapy with some really nice quality shops. A perfect way to spend a damp grey afternoon!
Hopefully tomorrow the weather will be a bit better as we want to cycle to Konz where the Saar River joins the Moselle.

The centre is surrounded with beautiful geraniums.