Wednesday July 26, Port Blanc, Plogasnou

A few shots from our walk...they even had their fire going!

It rained a lot during the night and for much of the morning, so decided it was a good excuse for a “rest day”. Managed to get out for a short walk but the rain came in again and sent us scurrying back to the van.  Enjoyed feet up, reading my book and generally a lazy day. Couldn’t be in a better place to do it with great views watching the tide coming in and out!
We have been having issues with the satellite dish on the van for quite some time, not being able to pick up a satellite, but it hasn’t worried us as the weather has been too nice to watch TV. Thought we would try it again today and it went up, and around and around trying to pick something up, then Kaboom as it fell over backwards! Obviously, something has come loose, but it appears to be safe where it is and can’t move. Ian is not up to getting on the roof and trying to sort it out so will see if we can find somewhere to get it repaired.
High and dry.  
A very "happy camper"
Not a bad spot for a rest day.