Monday July 24, Pointe de Brezellec

Beautiful Brittany
Have really fallen in love with Brittany, the sun shone and we headed off on our bikes. Rode through town then around the coast, stopping at beaches and then winding our way up the hills and into some villages overlooking the coast. There is a such a relaxed feel everywhere, it is holiday season and people are out and about enjoying themselves but no one seems to be in a hurry. Lots of people on the white sandy beaches and although the crystal-clear turquoise water looks inviting, I suspect by the number of people swimming that it is not that warm.

Typical style of house.

Rode through these small villages that overlooked the sea.

...and views over some unspoilt beaches.

Tides out!
Although we haven’t travelled in Cornwall, the scenes today remind me so much of the photos I have seen of that area. The little white cottages, windswept hills covered in heather, and small villages. We took our bikes down little country lanes and wee farm tracks, such a change from the canals and rivers we have been on recently.
Found a really nice looking restaurant overlooking the sea when we got back to town and as it was well past our lunchtime, parked the bikes and ended up having a very nice lunch. Chatted to an English couple as well as a family from Germany, they had heard us talking and were trying to decided where the accent was coming from.
It was well after three when we got back to Ruakiwi and had decided we would shift to a camping spot we had found, not far away but up on the cliffs overlooking the ocean. Supermarket shopped on the way. The first camping spot was very busy with lots of cars and quite a few motorhomes so moved another 4kms to another site and bingo, just perfect, parked up on the cliff with panoramic views of the coast. Only a few other campers here. We walked around the point, just stunning views. Might get rocked to sleep tonight with the “breeze” but not complaining.

....and just noticed that I have now had over 100,000 hits on this blog. Who would have thought when I started writing it in 2008, just to keep the family up to date as to where we were, that it would get to this. Hope you are still all enjoying my daily rambling!

Deep water below tonight's camp spot.

View from our front window - doesn't get better than that!

And a couple from last night, after I loaded the blog,
the sunset was really nice.


Careywood Crew said…
Loving it all Meg and still very jealous : ))
By the way, there's an historic reason it reminds you of Cornwall...
So wonderful - as far as I've been able to figure out Brittany is where the Couldrey's came from ;)
Bugsy Malone said…
looks like a lovely part of the world!