Sunday July 23, Audierne

A grey day in Audierne

Very grey with some spits of rain as we left this morning. Spent a bit of time locating the Service Point to do our van “ablutions” as it was in another part of town, and after a few wrong turns got it all sorted. We set off heading North West to the Brittany Coast taking the smaller roads that passed through the villages. Very rich countryside with lots of dairy farms. But the drizzle soon turned to quite steady rain and eventually decided it would be easier to take the non-toll motorway as we weren’t really seeing anything and had the hassle of negotiating narrow roads.
We whizzed along bypassing the larger towns of Lorient and Quimper and set Jilly for the town of Audierne where I had found an Aire that was on the harbour of a very pretty town. As we got to the coast the style of architecture changed quite dramatically with very simple two story plastered house with steep rectangular chimneys on either end of the roof.
Different architecture
The Aire is in a carpark, overlooking the estuary, only a short walk from the town, it’s  a really nice spot. The rain stopped soon after we arrived so took my camera and walked into town. It really is so picturesque, with lots of people wandering around the harbour but it has a very nice laid back feel to it.
Spoke to a chap who was doing an oil painting of the scene, he spoke a little English and told me that he also spoke Bretagne, the language of Brittany. His name was Francois and he was very happy for me to take his photo. Spotted a fisherman getting out of his boat, snapped a photo and he smiled at me, so shook his hand and “chatted him up” as he had a face that I wanted to photograph! He had no English at all, but understood when I held my camera up to take a better shot. Back to the van with the umbrella up, probably the wettest day we have had on holiday, and the coldest since we have been in France, around 14 degrees.
This fisherman had character written all over his face.

Had a great chat with Francois.

Looking forward to having  a good look around Audienne tomorrow.


Kiwi Gran said…
Love the fisherman