Thursday July 27, Mortain-Bocage

Past their use by date.

Had read that during the holiday season, St Malo and Le Mont St Michel are seething with busloads of tourists, really not our sort of scene, so decided to bypass the coast for awhile and take the Toll Free motorway east and clock up some miles. Before we left Ian managed to secure the satellite dish through the vent in the bathroom, just to make sure that it wouldn’t move, and it worked well.
We drove for several hours along the N176, not our favourite sort of driving but sometimes it has to be done. Pulled off at Plouer-sur-Rance where I had found a supermarket right beside the motorway and the bonus I discovered was they had a laundromat in the carpark. Got the laundry underway, did the groceries and had our lunch. Multi-tasking!
We read about the campaign happening in New Zealand to ban plastic bags in supermarkets. It makes such sense as all over Europe it is not a choice, you just know you take bags with you wherever you shop, even in pharmacies, hardware stores etc. We have learnt the hard way and now always carry a nylon bag in my hand bag.
The other interesting difference in France is that there is no street rubbish collection, just small enclosures everywhere with clean dump bins, and recycling bins, and these are routinely emptied. There is no rubbish visible and residents don’t have to walk far to dump their own rubbish. Makes sense.
An interesting stall on the side of the road, not sure about the windmills!

Love the old Citreon's
It was back on the road again to an Aire in the town of Mortain-Bocage where a cycle track runs nearby. It was really nice to leave the motorway and get back onto smaller roads, passing through villages. A very rich farming area with large dairy farms…by French standards! We are now in Normandie.
Walked into town later this evening, but probably one of the least inspiring towns we have stayed in. Guess they can’t all be amazing! Hopefully the bike trail tomorrow will make up for it.
Mortain-Bocage - not very inspiring, have been spoilt by such beautiful towns.

Not sure about the Amerian flag outside the Tourism Office.
The girl didn't speak English so couldn't ask.

Across the rooftops from where we camped.