Saturday June 3, Tournon-sur-Rhone

St Vallier from the bridge over the Rhone.
The river was so calm this morning.

Another beautiful morning, although this evening as I am writing this the rain has started. It has been a very hot, humid afternoon. We set off this morning along the ViaRhona cycle path, which we joined at the camp gates. This cycle path follows the Rhone for over 700 kms from Lake Geneva to the Mediterranean, although at this stage some parts of it are not completed. The section we did today through to Sarras was a sealed path all the way and we didn’t have to share it with cars. It was such a great ride, through woods, orchards with ripe cherries (had to sample a few), and lots of other fruits, vineyards and open sections looking up to hills. It was a 35km round trip and we really enjoyed it all especially as there were no hills to climb! 
Apricots and cherries

St vallier

A little afternoon siesta!
Called into the supermarket near camp and picked up a few supplies …. Only enough that we could carry home in the paniers!
It was nice to sit down in the shade when we got back, with lunch and a glass of cold vino – well deserved. Later in the afternoon I wandered into the old town, a busy narrow street lined with boutique type shops and enjoyed having a poke around although it really was hot. Sitting back now out of the skiffy rain, under the awning and enjoying the cooler air.
The old town.
So often we see groups playing petanque,, seems to be wherever
there is some suitable surface.
The Turkey Kebabs.


Vicki Bright said…
Super doing 35 ks. Waiting it out for the mechanics seems to have given you a relaxing summer holiday.
Bugsy Malone said…
Way to go guys!! Must be lovely to do some jobs and have an explore in the same area for a few days, you'll be feeling like locals - you might have to make a regular thing of it every now and then
Meg Lipscombe said…
Vicki and Sarah .... you are so right. Really do feel on holiday and there is something great about going slow for a few days. Just said to Ian that I think we need to do this more often. This is a great spot to relax in with views, shops and bike trails right on our doorstep.
Rainie said…
Life sounds good, even if these few days have been forced upon you. The "parking up" will do you both good, and hope come Monday they can sort out the sounds like the computer, haha.
Lovng your photos, and hearing about the biking.
Still waiting for my Blurb book, three weeks now, grrr!!! We head away on Tuesday, hoping like hell it arrived before we leave. No mail tomorrow being Queens Birthday Monday