Saturday May 27, St-Antoine-l’Abbaye

We are finding with the long, hot evenings we are not going to bed until very late and consequently seem to be sleeping in a bit more while it is a little cooler. When we ended up in this town last night, little did we know what we would find, although the site of the Abbey last night gave us an idea.  So, it was 10 before we wandered up to the small town, walking the old streets and heading for the Abbey on the high point. There were little walkways between the houses and we climbed foot worn stone steps that led us to the front of the Abbey with views over the town. Wow, absolutely amazing. Have read that this was built between the 12th and 15th centuries  - the age of these buildings still amazes us. We were able to walk inside this huge building, felt very moved. On the walls are very old tapestries, frescoes, large paintings and an organ dating from the 17th century. Spent ages just soaking up the atmosphere. There were quite a few people visiting but everything was very quiet.
In behind the Abbey was a large tree shaded enclosure and I spotted an exhibition. Left Ian in the shade of the tree and I had a good look around, it was about the history of perfume in France and there were many bottles which you could smell. The drawings and photos were beautiful, but being all in French I could really only guess at what it was about. A door led out to a small mediaeval garden full of roses, peonies and other delightful plants, well worth a visit.
Stopped at a number of other shops including a pottery with exquisite work – shame a bit heavy to bring home. Found a very nice boulangerie for our bread and a sweet treat. It was well into the afternoon and the temperatures were rising, it didn’t take much to change our minds and stay another day. Shifted the camper down under some large trees beside a stream and had a relaxing afternoon in the shade.
Nearby was a petanque club and fascinated to sit and watch these guys playing, it really is a huge sport in France.
We managed to get some TV tonight and caught up on the weather forecast, no wonder we have been feeling the heat as they talk about the heat wave that should be lessening by Monday with thunderstorms tomorrow. Were thinking that was the norm!!
Lots of abbey photos today...just so beautiful!

A spot of petanque.


Anonymous said…
Love the photo of the tree in the courtyard - that could be a jigsaw puzzle! Coxes