Sunday May 28th, Tournon-Sur-Rhone

Beautiful light on the Alps this morning.

It was such a peaceful spot to camp…that was until last night when there was a function at a nearby hall. There were mixed ages there so thought it would finish early, but it didn’t really start until 9pm and was still humming by 2am with very loud music, and a very distinctive base! Ended up putting ear plugs in and managed to get to sleep but Ian didn’t have a very good night. The joys of being on the road!
We were up surprisingly early and were on the road by 9am and had a really nice drive through the countryside and more small towns. Today I didn’t give Jilly a chance to go wrong, I followed the map and apart from one small hiccup we managed much better.
We stopped in the town of Hauterives after noticing a festival of sorts was going on. It was a real upbeat town and found that there was a festival of Barrel Organs. It was only just starting and people were setting their organs up around town. All rather delightful and such characters. Called into the info centre and started off with a few words in French but very soon realised she was English girl and had been living in France for 40 years. Ended up having a good conversation, it is one thing you miss when travelling in a foreign country as talking with just a little bit of French is very hard.
Called into a really nice boulangerie for our daily baguette – getting quite used to this!

Then down to the Rhone and crossed over to the western side. It really is one of the cleanest rivers we have seen. We had been looking for somewhere to stay that was on the river and with bike paths and found an Aire in the town of Tournon, it was pretty basic with no views but near the river so pulled in. It was very hot, over 30 by lunchtime and the Aire was already ¾ full. Found a spot and had some lunch and resigned ourselves to a less than attractive overnight spot. Got the bikes out and headed off to the river but on the way spotted a “proper camp” overlooking the river with shady trees. It looked so inviting and when we saw a spare space rode in and checked it out. Spoke to the people next door and they were very nice, so left our bikes on the site, walked back to camp and came back in the van. Just perfect and so much cooler. It was €20 a night, a little more than the €5 Aire, but just so much better.
So off on our bikes and had a great ride. Bikes paths along to a footbridge over the Rhone and then right along the river on the other side. Even though it was in the heat of the afternoon, we really enjoyed out 15kms ride.
Sat outside under the trees and enjoyed watching a small amount of river traffic – a blissful way to spend a hot Sunday afternoon.  Went for a walk into town around 8, the river was flat after the day’s wind had dropped and the streets were busy and the cafĂ©’s humming. I think I am falling in love with France!
Crossing the Rhone at St Vallier

Crossing the Rhone by bike.

Bike trail signs are everywhere.

A canal boat on its way down the Rhone.

Interesting sight this evening, these cats had collars and were
tied together.
Beautiful evening.

Two little Spanish girls were showing me the roses
they had found.

Lovely evening in town.

Evening light on a chapel at the top of a vineyard.


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Enjoying the blog Meg. D due home late Thursday x Jen