Tuesday November 8 – Volendam

Cheeses and more cheeses
Brrrrr….it’s been a really cold day with temps not getting above 4.5, but the good news … there was no rain until late this afternoon! We wrapped up in lots of layers and set off to have a good look around Enkhuizen with its old streets lined with houses, lots of canals and pretty harbours full of well-preserved ships. There was such a quietness and we finally put our fingers on it…there are very few cars with most people riding bikes with baskets on the front or bags on the back. Everywhere bikes are in racks or standing on the street outside shops and I just delight to see elderly people out and about on their bikes. The main street is a no car zone, lined with delightful shops. Called into a traditional cheese shop with huge rounds of cheese lining the walls. Bought some traditional “farmers cheese” made from unpasteurised milk which had so much flavour.
With so many waterways and bridges we got ourselves lost a few times and had to back track to find a way across the canals. It was early afternoon when we got back to Ruakiwi and there was a real cool breeze blowing….really bitter. But locals were still out and about on their bikes.
Stopped in the town of Hoorn to do our first grocery shop in Netherlands at an Albert Heijn store.  It is fun shopping in different countries, especially the first few times as you try and work out the brands and what the words say. Surprisingly we haven’t made too many mistakes, probably good luck rather than good management!
Arrived at a Stellplatz at Volendam and were a little disappointed as it was not that close to town and didn’t have a view. Considered moving on and finding something else but after a walk around we decided to stay put and hunker down as it was just too cold to be out and about. So turned the heater on, had a cuppa and turned the TV on to see what was happening with the US election – can’t believe what is going on. Will find out the final result when we wake in the morning.   
My take of an Old Masters look


Bikes and more bikes

A bicycle made for three