Tuesday October 4, Wisner

One of the wonderful old medieval churches in Wismar...the construction is impressive.

Stayed at the same site for another night as needed to meander through areas of the town we didn’t get to see yesterday. There were five churches in town, all built in brick during the middle ages and two were seriously damaged with bombing raids during WW2. One of these still has its tower intact and it has a static display of the building techniques used during the medieval era. It was quite a different scene today with all the shops open and the central square was full of traders selling food, vegetables, meats etc.
Enjoyed sitting in the sun with a pizza, people watching and resting our feet before continuing on. Although this is a town with many visitors, it is not on the tour bus route, which makes it really pleasant. Ian headed off to have a good look around the marina, and I had a bit of retail therapy. Interesting we are finding that language is a bit more difficult in Germany, not many people can converse in English, unlike Scandinavia but we are managing with a bit of sign language.
Very happy to get back to the van and put my feet up with a cuppa, then we walked around the corner to the store to get a few supplies for breakfast.

Ian was impressed to see these wooden pegs on a building.

Such intricate detail around the windows.

It may be hard to see, but captured these geese heading off on their migration to Spain.
They must know winter is just around the corner.

This is the model of St Marien Kirche, before the air raids of 1945,
and below is the square tower, all that remained. In front is the footprint of the original building.

There are still some buildings that have yet to be restored

Somehow reminded me a little of America when this motorhome pulled in, with large trailer,
out of which he drove his smart car. This morning we watched another chap drive his
smart car into the boot of his motorhome.