Saturday October 8, Waren

These boots are made for walking!!! Love my Ecco's!
We are settling into a rather easy way of life, enjoying exploring the towns and country roads in this area. The weather has improved although the temperatures were at 10 degrees for much of the day…needed a few layers.
Walked into the centre of Griefswald from camp, another really nice relaxing place. The market square had a good range of “farmer’s market” type stalls with the main streets radiating out from it. With no cars it’s so pleasant to just wander along and have a good “nosey”. So many great specialist upmarket shops.
Back to Ruakiwi and by midday we were on the road again. But the navigator and Jilly had a few battles, I had seen a good scenic road to the middle of the lake area but Jilly had other ideas of taking the autobahn. So a bit of changing of plans and we continued on and all would have been well, except the road we wanted to take was closed…why I don’t know, but all the signs said we couldn’t get through. So another rethink, change of route and we were off again. Must say navigating through the middle of a huge country, and trying to take more interesting routes than the main highways gets a little difficult at times. But we certainly get to see some unexpected places!
Its a pleasure driving through such wonderful countryside, it is all looking so neat and tidy with mown roadsides and newly planted fields that seem to stretch for miles. All interspersed with large areas of forests. As we have noticed all along, the roads are often lined with trees and today there were great lengths lined with apple and pear trees…. and the fruit is just falling on the ground, there would be tons of it. Had there been somewhere to park I would have picked up a bag, but just not possible.
After all the stops and starts and changing of routes we finally got to our Stellplatz at the resort town of Waren on the edge of Germany’s largest inland lake, Muritz, late in the afternoon. Looking forward to exploring more tomorrow. 
Enjoying this architecture and decoration

Obviously a sheep cheese stall.

We seemed doomed with so many wonderful buildings covered with scaffolding.

Couldn't help myself....looked so much like Molly!

Quite intrigued by this sculpture

Great reflections in this stainless steel wall.

Have seen so many buildings painted with great art work...not sure what this is about but looked so good.

A small section of the many roadside pear trees.

We have noticed in a number of towns, large decorated round bales...suspect it is about celebrating autumn harvest.

Found this on the camera from a couple of days ago, proof that she did get washed,
as after the past wet days, she is looking as dirty as ever again.


richardg said…
Germany is certainly looking very neat and tidy. Which is also what I thought. They really seem to take pride in their land and their buildings. All that autumn fruit looks great. ...I'm sure it must be cheap to buy in the markets.