Saturday October 1, “At home” at the Kanal

Another canal boat...with a bit of camera fun.

A laid back lazy day, doing a few “domestic” chores, sitting in the sun watching the boats go past and even a hair cut! Thoroughly enjoyed doing nothing much for the day, although we all went for a walk along the canal path, checking out the fishermen and the boats. My hair has been getting quite long and starting to really annoy me so Conny pulled out her scissors that she uses to cut Gerhart’s hair, and gave me a trim. Looks great and will keep me going for a little bit longer! Have so enjoyed spending time with G & C and they have been so helpful explaining lots of things to help us through our journey’s in Germany. Learnt a lot about the history of East and West Germany and the unification process, and how we will notice a huge difference when we are travelling through these areas. Lots of marks on the map of ideas with ideas of places to go.
A bit of a trim from Conny!

Time for "playing"!