Friday October 7 Griefswald

Griefswald Harbour...before the rain came.

Raining again this morning, so decided against a walk into town and headed to the island of Rugen, Germany’s largest island, for a clockwise circuit. Another picturesque drive around the western side with huge areas of land being cropped. We have seen much land in this northern area of Germany planted with a crop that Ian suspects might be sugar beet – and he has just goggled it and he is right…again!!!. We drove through forested areas with many hides in the fields beside them…obviously good deer hunting country.
Surprised to find we had to take a ferry across a small inlet for a 5 minute trip…the cheapest ferry all holiday, only 7 Euro. As we came down the eastern side the wind was howling. Stopped and walked out to the Baltic coast and it was really blowing in, although saw quite a number of hardy souls walking the sandy beach. This coast is an extremely popular holiday destination for Germans, with large numbers of hotels and accommodation.
Had to check out Prora after reading about it in my travel guide. This beautiful sandy beach was chosen by Hitler for a seaside resort to cater for up to 20,000 people at a time and huge six story concrete block buildings were developed, with all rooms having a view to the ocean, and the eight blocks cover three kilometres. When war broke out they were never completed and over the following years have fallen in to disrepair, but now they are being remodelled as seaside apartments, although it is questionable how successful this is going to be. We detoured to check one area out, but the only car park was full but managed some photos through the window, of these grim looking buildings.
Prior to coming into Prora near the port of Dubnitz, we passed a huge area of railway sidings full of row upon row of old trains, all covered with graffiti. Guess this was the sea/rail route into Germany for Russian goods. Have really found travelling in what was East Germany to be enlightening with all its history, news items from years ago now have far greater meaning.
Back on the mainland saw the town of Griefswald further down the coast which looked quite interesting…and found a Stellplatz within walking distance to the centre of the old Hanseatic town and port, so put co-ordinates into Jilly and arrived mid-afternoon without any issues. Not one of the prettiest places to overnight, but the location is ideal. We donned coats and hats (only 10 degrees with a cold wind) and headed off for a good walk to check out the old boats around the port. Ian was in his element checking out the line up of wooden boats. Tomorrow we will explore the town. 
Just a short ferry ride. The kiwi that Steve and Kathy gave us is keeping a watchful eye on us.

A rugged day on the coast.

The back of one of the old buildings at Prora

View of Stralsund

Saw this swarm of birds chasing a larger bird, they swooped around in the sky.

The darker side of Griefswald

Memories of summer

Young rowers training in the harbour.

Rest stop!


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Must be cold! It's not often his knees are covered : ))
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