Thursday October 6 Stralsund

The old austere housing blocks have been painted up to make them look a bit more attractive.
Our run of good weather has ended, woke this morning to light rain and a lot of wind…and only 10 degrees. Had planned on exploring a bit more of the castle gardens but just too miserable…a couple of “sooks”! We have been exploring towns for the last four days so got the map out and decided to head to the north east to Straslund and Rugen, and made a route that passed through a lot of countryside, without motorways.
Apart from the misty rain and wind, it was a most enjoyable trip, this really is beautiful countryside, rolling hills with trees and neatly cultivated paddocks. What we can’t get over are how all the roads are lined with trees, and at this time of the year with their autumn coats on they do look pretty spectacular and also notice that there are many new plantings being done. It does make for roads where you need to be careful of overhanging branches, and there are signs cautioning about this.
This country was East Germany for many years after Germany was split following the war, and we see so many signs of the time that Russia was in control, especially the large multi storeyed austere housing blocks. They have been painted up in bright colours to try and make them more attractive which is only partially successful.
Had entered the GPS co-ordinates for a Stellplatz in Stralsund, decided to stop here the night before heading around the island of Rugen, and had noted that it had a laundry. Sometimes I guess, I need to become domestic again, so spent the late afternoon and evening doing several loads of laundry. The wind has got up tonight and Ruakiwi is rocking a bit, surprising as we are quite sheltered.
Today’s photos are all through the window..a bit different to the last few days!
Just love these roads

..but you need to be careful passing wider vehicles.

The houses are so close to the road.