Friday August 18, Dusseldorf

Fresh apples for an apple cake!

Conny had made Ian a 10am appointment for Ian with her specialist at a large orthopaedic clinic in the centre of Dusseldorf. Thankfully Conny was able to sort out all the paperwork and fill out the forms that they required and she joined us with the meeting with the Doctor to translate if required, but he spoke extremely good English. He read the reports we had got from New Zealand and after an examination sent Ian off for an xray followed by several cortisone injections in his spine which were done under a CT scan. Everything was so efficient and the staff were very pleasant. In less than 2 hours we were back in the car on our way home. He will return to the clinic again next week to see how it is all going and possibly have some more injections. He was feeling a bit sore and spent the afternoon resting up but is feeling positive that there is quite an improvement. We are hoping that the treatments will give him relief for the flight home early September.
We feel very fortunate to have such great friends who have made this all possible. And it is an excellent “hotel”, Conny is spoiling us rotten and cooking great meals, sharing real German food with us.
Waiting for the doctor.


Careywood Crew said…
Wonderful news! Love and best wishes for a superb result Ian.
x J & D
Pamlyn said…
Great to hear the news about Ian's appointment .Hope all goes well.Regards to Connie and Hitten-pleased they survived as we enjoyed their photos.Where next?
Ps. I have observed some lambs at Chris' front paddock that need the dockers ' back in good condition on return!

Meg Lipscombe said…
Thanks for the best wishes Jen and Dean, a good improvement so far.

And Pam and Lyn, Hitten and Conny had a fabulous journey and keen to get back on the road again already! We hear there has been a good crop of spring lambs!
Anonymous said…
Hi Daisy here,say hi to Hitten & Connie, I have been following your trip all the way
with great envy, see you in a few weeks
Meg Lipscombe said…
Hi Daisy, hugs from Conny and Hitten. They are spoiling us rotten!!!