Tuesday July 18, St Martin de La Place

A festive air in the Saumur square.

As predicted it has been an extremely hot day, probably not the best for a bike ride, but we did it. Did a load of washing and hung it out to dry before we left. Followed the bike trail into Saumur, but not the most interesting of rides as we couldn’t see the river. Quite a number of riders, many with large packs on their bikes who I presume are cycling the full length of the Loire.
We crossed the large bridge into town along a very wide separate bike track, great to be able to stop and have a good look at the town. We followed the Velo track signs leading into town and surprised to see a convoy of horse drawn wagons holding up a large string of traffic as the plodded along the town road. Gathered they were part of a circus.
Motorway" for cycles across the Loire

View of Saumur

Wonderful to see the Horse "Convoy"

A man gets hungry driving these horses!

We tootled through town, trying to follow the Velo signs, but losing them at times but we managed. Town was very busy. The Chateau du Saumur sitting on a high point dominates the landscape. Meandered back through town and came across the town square ringed with cafes and looking so festive with numbers of multicoloured umbrellas hanging from wires criss-crossing the space. Ended up sitting in the shade outside a café and having lunch. It was a great place to people watch, many cyclists were passing through as well as lots of tourists. Took a look inside the church that is on the square, with beautiful stained glass windows, and so nice an cool inside.

The chateau

Double exposure of the umbrellas. Just playing!
By now it was really getting warm, temperatures well into the 30’s. Rode back through town and then continued along the other side of the river for a while but realised how hot it was getting and we still had to get back to camp, so turned around and headed home. Only 25kms today,  but really felt the heat. A nice cold beer in the shade before putting our feet up and having a wee siesta!
PS…Temperatures peaked at 36 tonight, still sitting outside at 10pm as still just too hot. Will turn the aircon on later to go to sleep. Note to self, don’t use hair drier at the same time as aircon, like last night – blew the fuse and no electric all night!
View under the bridge.


Bugsy Malone said…
looks so lovely, hope the aircon did its job and you were able to sleep.