Thursday June 15 Chusclan

Last nights spectacular sunset.

I think it is probably to do with the heat which hit 36 degrees today, but it has been probably one of the less memorable days. Speaking with a number of locals and this heat wave is so unseasonal, more like high summer in mid-August. Travelling with the aircon on makes it bearable. We really enjoyed our overnight stay and today had planned to visit a few of the villages in the area, but the roads around these small towns are rather narrow and the French drivers are very “interesting” (won’t say what Ian calls them), so decided we were better to continue on the D roads which have a bit more space.
Stopped in Carpentras to use the facilities of an Aire to do our “ablutions” as the French Passion sites offer no facilities. Spotted a camper van store with a shop and bought some more chemicals for the loo and a few other things (running out of sachets Steve!).  After a lunch stop in the supermarket carpark we enjoyed the drive through to Orange, lots of cyclists about as there are a number of cycling paths but too hot for us.
Interesting that in this area I went looking for milk in the chiller cabinets without success, managed to ask the question about “lait” and I was directed to the shelf where UMT milk in 1 litre containers is sold, and have noticed this in all the other big supermarkets. I am curious as to why this is, but had some on my cereal this morning and it was fine, and the logisitics of not needing chillers makes sense. 
Came across an accident today - didn't look good.

Don't know who that is reflected in the supermarket window.!

An interesting display in the middle of a round a bout...not sure what it was about.

Orange has it's own Arc de Triomphe!

Something about garlic with this time - I presume!

Pretty town on the Rhone.

In the wine "cave" - very nice girl who spoke a little Anglais!
Crossed over the Rhone again and onto this Aire in the small town of Chusclan which I had read about and it really nice with small grass areas between the sites and flowering oleander’s everywhere. Have read that in this heat the afternoon siesta is not a luxury but an essential – and that is exactly what I did.  Over the road was a wine co-operative which needed checking out, and intrigued to see wine on tap!!! People came in with their plastic containers which were filled from a row of hoses, choice of about 8 different wines. Evidently the same as cask wine but cheaper!
Spoilt with another great light show tonight.


Pamlyn said…
Interesting round about Meg. Must be the heat- looks like a Mirage.
Anonymous said…
Dear Meg and Ian, enjoying our trip through France via your camera and descriptive prose.
I can imagine Ian having abrupt and clear adjectives for drivers causing stress so you keep safe as don't want an accident photo from the inside. Vicki n I both recall hoses and taps in bottle stores times gone by when you could take your flagon in and fill with Sherry or Port, a cheap headache. All well in our world, minor hiccup with Vicki's green car, taken to workshop on the back of a transporter yesterday, today using the ute for a blip meet at lunch time so no boat towing tool, will try Saturday if weather holds. From this table the steam from a timber factory is going straight up and the Waimea estuary is glass so a lovely day.
Lots of love
Vicki n Ed
Vicki Bright said…
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Vicki Bright said…
I got your hug Meg via Lorraine/Rainie. It felt good, made me smile and keep up the good life in France.
Rainie said…
I'm doing the big catchup this morning, (Sunday) ...loving your stories and pictures. But Crikey that heat sounds difficult to deal with.
Yes I gave Vicki the hug, she is such a suoer lady we four enjoyed a suoer lunch and chinwag. Xx
Btw, the AB's had a good win against the Lions, but I presume you are up with all the sporting news.