Saturday June 10, Carro – Paradise!

The trail along the coast.

Another magic day in paradise, the sun has shone all day and not a cloud in the sky, and it has been nice and warm, but not scorching. The sun is much “gentler” than our NZ sun and you don’t feel as though you are “frying” when you go out in it.
Market day in town this morning and first stop was the fish market. Crowds of people there, obviously well know, and all sorts of fish. Surprised to see some really small fish being sold, maybe for bouillabaisse. The town square had a number of market stalls, with fruit and vegetables, olives, meats and some clothing. Interesting poking around. The apricots are in season now, and are grown in the south of France. They really are just so good, fat and juicy. Wandered up to the boulangerie for our daily baguette and couldn’t resist a rather yummy treat!
Needed to get our bikes out to get some exercise after that! Rode right along the coast on a bike path, so many people on the beaches enjoying the weather and lots of fishermen about. Being a weekend it really was busy, but in a nice family way. It wasn’t a huge ride, only about 12 kms, but very enjoyable. Went out again in the other direction later in the afternoon, can’t get over what a beautiful place this is. The oleanders are in flower and the houses have a real Spanish style with tile rooves. It is a wonderful place to be lazy in!!!
Got a little lost around some back roads and this couple
helped us to the right direction. She was applying the plaster
while he stood in the shade!

Coastal flowers.

A beautiful bay, so many people enjoying it.

Our neighbour spent a few hours out on his windsurfer, and surprised to see it had a foil, evidently, they have been introduced since the America’s Cup and already it is becoming a big sport.
Went into town this evening and had a really nice fish meal looking out over the harbour. It was such a balmy evening and as we wandered back to camp there were many people out and about and a number of groups playing petanque on the special area beside the harbour. Arrived back to find our “neighbours” sitting outside having a few drinks, so naturally we joined them. They all spoke pretty good English and we had a great night watching the sun go down, and it was almost midnight before we turned in.
Nice cafe

A great way to finish the evening.


Vicki Bright said…
I'd call that a perfect day. Love seeing the market foods looking so fresh.
Meg Lipscombe said…
Thanks Vicki, seem to be really settling into a rather lazy lifestyle, mind you the heat adds to it!