Sunday June 11, Carro

It took very little to decide to spend another day here, with blue skies, sea breezes and a very friendly community of fellow campers from all around Europe. Everyone smiles and we all say Bon jour no matter what country we are from. Chatted with two ladies while I got the water to do the washing, one was from France and the other from Germany, and we managed very well.
Had a pretty sedentary day today, apart from a wander into town to the boulangerie. It was the hottest day so far with very little sea breeze, a good one to find a shady spot and curl up with a book.
While at the boulangerie Ian got chatting to a Swedish guy (who is an anthropologist) and his French wife. A very friendly couple who have an apartment here at Carro. When I mentioned that we were going to head up to Provence as I was keen to see the fields of lavender she told us where the best place was, about 2 hours’ drive from here so that is our destination tomorrow, although not sure how the heat will be.
The evenings are just the best, the air cools slightly and it is just so pleasant to sit outside for dinner and watch the action on the water. Tonight, it was particularly calm and people were out on paddle boards, enjoying the conditions. We had another pleasant evening chatting with Uli and Sylvie, our “neighbours”.


Anonymous said…
Carro has sounded like perfection for relaxation Meg and another picturesque meander in store to reach the lavender fields. All bringing back memories for us.
xx Jen
Meg Lipscombe said…
Hi Jen - Often think of you and Dr D traveling through this area. Loving it.