Sunday October 23, Another day in Trier

The beautiful autumn colours in the palace gardens
Woke to a really grey, bleak day with mist hanging around so rugged up with hats and jackets to walk to town this morning. But by late morning the mist had cleared and blue sky appeared. We really have been so lucky with the weather during this trip, apart from quite a bit of rain at the start in Norway, the rain seems to have fallen overnight and cleared during the day.
Trier was once one of the largest Roman urban centres and there are so many heritage sites within the city where you are able to see what this time was like. Our first stop this morning was at the ruins of the Imperial Baths from the fourth century, and although very little remains, you could see the grand size of them.
We wandered through the town passing the palace and then the wonderful cathedral of St Peter, such a beautiful building. The sun had brought people out and they were walking the streets and enjoying the weather. Found a nice restaurant in the main market centre and sat outside in the sun and people watched as we had a very nice lunch.  There is such a relaxed feel on Sundays with no retail stores open, people are just enjoying walking. Ended up at the famous Porta Nigra, the Roman Gates to the city that date from the 2nd century. As always Ian is trying to work out how the construction was done!
By 4 o’clock we decided that we would catch the bus back to the Roman Bridge which meant we then only had a 15 minute walk back to the camp, after walking into town and back last night, we had run out of bit of steam! Another good day.
On this doorstep as we walked to town...the morning paper with autumn leaves

Checking out the size of the Roman baths

More scaffolding over these ruins at the baths

The palace

Brickwork from the fourth century...the age of these buildings still amazes us.

Rather intriguing fashion in this window!

The Dom

Another man hole cover

The town square

The BlackNigra....the old roman gates into Trier


Anonymous said…
Very impressive Roman brick work. Love the man hole covers.