Friday September 30 Wackerballig to Horsten on the Nord-Ostsee-Kanal

Reroofing a thatched cottage
Woke this morning and the sun was shining, so thought we were in for a good day….but it didn’t last! Stopped as we drove into the little town of Wackerballig when we spotted a house having a new thatch roof. They had large bales of thatch on the ground and the guy was attaching it to the roof with wire. Saw by the sign on the van (from what I could interpret!) that they were specialists in thatch roofing.  Popped into the bank to get some Euro’s, and then to LIDL supermarket for a few supplies before heading south. We are meeting up with Conny and Gerhart this afternoon but planned on stopping at the rather nice town of Eckernforde, but the rain came and once again it was torrential. Decided that wandering around in town in the pouring rain was no fun, so changed the GPS and went directly to Stellplatz, arriving early afternoon. And the rain stopped!
The stellplatz is on the banks of the 100km Nord-Ostee-Kanal, and we can watch the huge ships passing through, we are only 50 metres away so get a birds eye view. Evidently this Canal has more traffic than the Suez and Panama put together.
It is a long weekend in Germany, which we have just discovered and the Stellplatz is full with a function happening, so were lucky to get a spot. Another great night spent with Conny and Gerhart, enjoying a few bubbles!

German woods

"Blokes" are the same all over the world...working out how to get the power supply into Ruakiwi!

More rain coming at the Stellplatz

Close to the action!

A few bubbles outside on a cool afternoon

Sunset on the canal