Sunday September 25 Sunday in the city, Frederikshavn

Looking a bit wind blown with hair that needs a cut...but happy to be sitting in the sun.

Have had a great relaxing day, the sun has been shining, although this afternoon the wind has got up and we are sitting watching the whitecaps from the van.
Ian had a long chat with son Dean this morning, trying to work out what had happened to the electrics in the window, but the end result was that we need to find an auto electrician in town, as we suspected.
Ruakiwi got a good clean through….doesn’t take long,! Then headed off to walk into town, about 3 kms, very pleasant along the waterfront. Found the town centre and a really nice cafĂ© where we sat in the sun and had a beer and really good food. I chose a salad platter with pickled herrings. Bebe, the really friendly Spanish waitress explained that most Danes have a shot of Snaps with this meal. She didn’t need to twist my arm, and it was good! 
We mainly do all our own meals, enjoying shopping in the supermarkets and seeing what is available, so it is always a treat to have a meal out.  Meandered home and have enjoyed a relaxing afternoon. Let’s hope we can sort the window out tomorrow. 
Lots of town photos today....makes a change from Landscapes

Had my phone and Google Translate out trying to work out the food, when she realised and got us an English menu!

This origami tree's trunk, rather intrigued me!

Yummy lunch.

Bebe arriving with the Snaps for me to choose...I left it over to her.

A statue of Peter Tordenskiold in the town square, a famous naval captain from the 1700's,
who was stationed here. The city has an annual summer festival in his memory.

Another intriguing sign!