Wednesday September 28th Vejers Strand to Haderslev

Looking across from the campsite tonight to the houses of Haderslev
We were well sheltered last night from the wind, mind you we slept well after a few wines with Conny and Gerhart, a little slow this morning! With the westerly wind, we decided to head across to the East coast, but really it has been very windy everywhere. Quite grey and a few showers. Probably one of the least inspiring days we have had.
Drove through the town of Billund which is the home of LEGO and evidently over 90% of LEGO is manufactured here. We drove around Legoland to see if we could find somewhere to stop but couldn’t find anywhere to park a camper. Legoland is geared towards families and with the high winds and a few showers we decided to pass on it, sorry Aidan.
Continued down the coast through Kolding and arrived at Haderslev this afternoon where, surprise, surprise there was motorhome camping at the local marina! It’s not too far from town and had a bit of a walk tonight, but will check it properly tomorrow, hopefully the weather will have improved a bit. 
A bit slow with the photos today...not as inspirational I suspect.
A lot of maize is still being harvested with paddocks getting worked up.

Could almost be England!