Thursday September 29 Haversled to Wackerballig, Germany

A wet welcome to Germany
When Jens, the Fisherman at Hvide Sande told us two days ago that there was a big storm coming in, he wasn’t wrong. The wind blew all night with some light rain, and it continued all day and this afternoon the rain became extremely heavy, not a good day to be out driving.
We had really good free wifi this morning and made the most of it by catching up with the family back in NZ before we headed off. Had planned to walk into town, but it was just too windy and damp so headed south to Aabenraa, keen to check out the town. It was still raining and we drove up and down before finding a place where we could park, the rain eased so donned our raincoats and went for a wander. Another delightful town with a pedestrian only area, and so good to get out for a walk.
Lunched in the carpark before continuing south to Flensburg, Germany. We needed to replace the invertor that we had in the van, the one we have is an older one and not working properly with my laptop…something about Sein wave, which I know nothing about, but Gerhart and Ian were sorting it out, and knew it would be cheaper to replace it in Germany than Scandinavia. So first stop after crossing the border…which was a “non-event”, was a Caravan supply store. They didn’t have one but sent us to another, and we had an interesting tour after Jilly sent us off in a weird direction. Eventually arrived, and the rain was just bucketing down. The girl in the shop was most helpful and we found what we wanted, along with a new outdoor chair for Ian, his other one collapsed…. nothing to do with his weight he tells me!
The rain was getting worse so found a Stellplatz out on the coast and put the GPS co-ordinates into Jilly and we were off. It was a pretty nasty drive with torrential rain all the way, but finally arrived at the parking area near the coast. There is a marina nearby but we are parked with a group of about 10 other campers, and no view. Spotted a vibrant red sunset and popped across the road for a photo.
Conny and Gerhart put us on to an App where we can search the area we are in for Stellplatz’s. There are many of these in Germany and are basically a sealed area specifically for motorhomes where you can overnight, some have free electricity included in the fee as well as waste disposal. 
Colour co-ordinated


Fun what you find in shop windows

Loved these stacked chairs

Autumn is coming

Quite a sunset tonight



Vicki Bright said…
The adventures of weather. It can't all be sunshine we virtual travellers need a contrast. The tulips are out in Rotorua so I'm having a week where all I blip are tulips. Keep on living the adventure before ...
Pamlyn said…
Great sunset-is it frameable? Suggest Lippy invests in a good German manufactured chair as they supply the Tongan King .