Thursday July 13, Mortagne-sur-Garonde

The threatening clouds that hung around all day yesterday finally opened up overnight and this morning and we had quite a bit of rain. Not the sort of day for cycling, guess we are fair weather cyclists!!! With Bastille Day tomorrow and a long holiday weekend, realised that we needed to settle into a campsite a bit earlier. Trish and Ron who we met last week mentioned this place at a marina and said it was really nice.  
Another very nice drive through what is mainly agricultural country, more sunflowers (!), vines and cropping. So often we spot huge old chateaux on hills or nestled in trees, and realise how we have come to accept this as normal. They are just part of the landscape in France.

Have seen a number of windmills in this region, not sure what they are about.

Playing with the camera as we drove past the sunflower fields.

Love what different towns do with their roundabouts.
I guess this town is famous for "growing" snails!
We wound our way through the village of Mortagne, through some very narrow roads then down the hill to the marina with its beautiful old port buildings. There are a number of restaurants beside the water, but the whole town has quite a relaxed feel. Guess it will get quite busy over this weekend. 
Initially parked in an area opposite the main marina where the tide is held in by a lock, but then found an area further on with quite a number of fishing boats that sit on the mud when the tide goes out, so “relocated” there with a large number of other campers. Had a bit of a walk around this afternoon and through a wonderful art space in one of the old buildings, lots of different artists displaying their work along with some antique stores.
Many thanks to Cliff (who we met earlier), who emailed me with the name of the “insect” I saw on the flowering plant yesterday as a Hummingbird hawk-moth. And can well understand why as it moved just like a hummingbird.
Mortagne-sure Garonde is a very pretty village.


Rainie said…
While you're photographing the gorgeous fields of smiling sunflowers, I'm photographing snow, -4 deg here this morning (Sunday)