Sunday July 9, Les Eyzies-de-Tayac Sireuil

The Tour du France ...Yeah!

Woke this morning after a very peaceful night with a bit of rain. The air was so much cooler and a really nice breeze was blowing. Our German friends Conny and Hitten had recommended we have a look around the region East of Bergerac and could see by the map that there were numerous recommended towns. Our Michelin Tourist Map book adds stars after a towns name if it is considered worth visiting, and many of these towns had 2 and 3 stars. Felt a bit apprehensive about them being tourist traps after yesterday but decided to check them out. We set Jilly for the town of La Roque-Gageac where there was an Aire right in town which we hoped would give us some parking.
It was another really nice drive although a bit misty at times. After leaving the vineyard we drove through a large area of vines before joining the main road skirting around Bergerac, then onto D660. Many great little towns and it wasn’t long before we passed through a town with lots of coloured bunting around the lampposts. Presumed there had been a gala on yesterday. Continued driving and the next town was the same, and then the next, then we saw signs that the road would be closed on Tuesday for the Tour de France. Unknowingly we were following the route of Stage 10 from Perigueux through Salat to Bergerac, had to google to find that out! All along the road there were campervans parked on the sides of the road especially in the hillier areas. And all the towns were decorated, many with coloured bikes hanging up. It really is a festival.
The towns are getting prepared.


We continued on, following the Dordogne, seeing so many chateaux dotted among the hills. We were surprised the roads weren’t too busy. Arrived in La Roque-Gageac, such an amazing town right beside the river with the houses clinging to the hills, it is listed in the 100 most Beautiful Villages in France and can understand why. Such a unique style of architecture. The town was not too crowded, with people just wandering along enjoying themselves. And managed to find a spot to park which was such a bonus.  Had a late lunch in the van then we walked along the river front, I then wandered up the hill and along the little streets. The gardens are very tropical looking with lots of flowering plants.
La Roque-Gageac

It really was a great spot. We could have stayed the night there but decided to continue on and found this Aire which is on the route for the Tour on Tuesday. It is a very pleasant spot, under the trees, beside a river and only a short walk into the village. Will stay here for a few days and watch the tour go through on Tuesday afternoon. There are a large number of campers here already and guessing they will be staying through as well. Spoke to some people asking about where to pay for the site, no English but managed to understand that the Gendarme comes around and collects the money, and also understood what they meant when they said “Tour du France”.
A good friend, who I will not name(!), admitted today that she had finally discovered that she could click on my small photos in the blog and they became full size. Wondered if I had some other “blond” friends!!!.


Careywood Crew said…
Hi enjoying your journal and pix of places we too have visited with Chris Hainsworth. DO NOT LEAVE SARLAT without eating foie gras ! It is the regional specialty and unctuous and creamy and heavenly beyond description : ))
P.S. Dean's second great grandson was born yesterday...Jasper Marshall Jacobsen xJ
Rainie said…
....I'm not one of your Blonde" friends !
We are enjoying watching the Tour, and will be even more interested when watching the Tuesday ride. Your picies are wonderful today, the villages so quaint, unique and drop dead gorgeous