Tuesday August 22, Dusseldorf

Dinner with Conny and Hitten.

We are staying in an extremely good “hotel”, being thoroughly spoilt with great food and good times. Ian has been taking things a bit quietly but with the weather so nice and warm this afternoon we all went out for a 20km bike ride on some of the many bike paths that are in this area. Great having Guide Hitten leading the way, we could just follow, riding through small towns and passing large areas of cropping. Even passed a huge goose farm where they are growing them for Christmas, good to see them outside and quite a number were even in the maize paddock. True free range.
Xmas goose

Billboards up for Germany's election, about
the same time as New Zealand.

Power station towering over the small town.
Hitten had a busy morning making a "fence" from
the tree that they had just had cut down.
Yesterday Ian and I drove half an hour to the motorhome service centre where we had visited at the start of our trip. They were able to get the correct locks which they fitted along with some other bits and pieces. Also they took the broken satellite dish down, discovering a bolt had sheared off. Unfortunately, it would take 2 weeks to get the replacement bolt fitted by the satellite company – quite a wait there is a huge motorhome show starting in Dusseldorf this weekend and all the companies are busy setting up displays for the 10 day long show.  So, we have left the dish with the company and will have it refitted next year when we come back.
Conny has taken me out shopping a number of times, especially enjoying learning about the different German foodstuffs that are available and how to cook them. Went to a huge store which is only open to card holders and supplies many food outlets. The biggest I have ever been into. Conny and I went to the neighbouring town of Neuss this morning and had a look around. Popped into the really nice store of the company Rituals which I think is in a number of other countries around the world. There were body products and linen, and the service was amazing. We were greeted with a small cup of cold herbed tea, just so nice and refreshing. Needless to say, a small bag of product came out with me.
Pfifferlinge mushrooms, a delicacy that Conny
is going to prepare for dinner tomorrow night.

Rituals store.

This Neuss store had a window display
celebrating the weekends festival.
Had a great afternoon on Sunday meeting Conny and Hitten’s son Janno and his partner Miriam. We got the bikes out and everyone had a lot of fun trying them out as they had never ridden a “Pedolec” as they call them. Lots of hilarity.
Off out to dinner tonight at a local restaurant, time to give cook Conny a night off!!! Tomorrow we are going back to Dusseldorf to see the specialist Ian saw last Friday, he is not as good as he was after the treatment so hoping we can get a few more answers.  
Janno getting plenty of advice.

Conny and Janno