Saturday July 1, Buzet-sur-Baise


As I typed this, and realised it was July and we have now been away over 2 months, time just seems to have flown.
Yesterday the girl at the marina, who spoke good English, suggested that we pop back up to the wine co-operative where it was the last day of their once a year sale, buy a box of 6 wines and get another box free. Thought we should check out it and couldn’t believe our eyes, they had a marquee up beside the wine store, shopping trolleys lined up, and barriers erected to send people in the right direction. Cars everywhere and people pushing trolleys loaded with boxes of wines. So, we joined them and took a look. Spoke to a chap and asked for a good dry rose, he spoke a little English and recommended one to us. €30 for 6 plus another 6 free. Decided that would keep us going for a few days !!!!!
Reparked the van and got the bikes out, rode into the village, had a look around and picked up some fresh fruit and a baguette. Ian waited outside the boulangerie sitting on his bike and a local stopped and chatted and asked in French if he was “handicapped” and he decided that the easiest answer was “oui” rather than trying to explain!!! He certainly gets some looks!
Back to Ruakiwi for a coffee and a treat(!) I had bought then headed along the Canal du Garonne towards Bordeaux. What a wonderful ride, a great path that followed the canal, the huge plane trees overhead and the only sound that of the birds. The canal is by no means crystal clear, it has a very cloudy green look, but it soon becomes part of the tranquillity of it. Passed a few other cyclists and pedestrians but for the most parts there was not a soul around. The path opened out at times with crops of corn and sunflowers.

Smoko break

War memorial

Had a chat with this guy, 69 and cycling the whole canal.

And then the rain came.

We tootled into the village of Damazan for a look around before continuing. Thought we would continue onto Villeton where I had seen there was a café beside the river. But the rain started and thankfully after checking the forecast I had put our raincoats in our panniers. We waited out the storm under a bridge before continuing on, only to find the café was closed for the week and also, we would have been too late to have lunch. After a muesli bar and a bit of melon that I had in a container we headed home and had only just unpacked our stuff when another heavy squall came through.
Settled in with a glass of the rose we had bought, which was quite dry and not too bad, and some baguette and cheese, perfect after an almost 30km ride. Thought we would try out the café which was  just across the canal from us, we arrived at 7.15 to find that we had the last table, they were booked out. From the outside, it looked very ordinary but the food was superb, it really was a special night.
The entree - yummy

The cafe was unimpressive from the outside.


Careywood Crew said…
Looking wonderful, as always! Always find the French war memorials very moving.
As for Ian being handicapped...perish the thought...merely "youthless" : ))
x Jen
Pamlyn said…
Ian's best response to the handicapped question should best be -Oui,c'est ma femme.
Meg Lipscombe said…
You will keep Lynn D!