Sunday June 25, Argeles-Gazost

This afternoon the sun was shining but still a bit of cloud around the mountains.

It might be a supermarket carpark, but we slept like logs, no road noise, no chimes(!) or any other noise. There was some rain overnight and we wondered this morning if we were going to be able to ride, but it lifted a bit and we headed off with a mist clinging to the hills, but that soon cleared. The track was asphalt all the way with a centre line marked. Many people were using it, mainly bikers but people out for a Sunday morning walk. Headed first to Lourdes, although I could have sworn we were heading the other way, have to admit my sense of direction is not very good. Then returned to Couterets at the other end before coming back down to this town, almost 40 kms, and without the heat it was a very pleasant ride.

Part of the track was beside the fast-flowing river then it went inland, with hills rising either sides. A number of beautiful chateaux nestled in among the trees, small villages and farming land. The small vegetable gardens in properties are flourishing with tomatoes starting to ripen. Even some plum trees on the track with small but very sweet plums, Ian left me behind as I scrumped some.
After a very late lunch, it was time to give Ruakiwi a wash. Only had to go 100 metres to the excellent setup beside the service station that is also in the supermarket carpark. It was made specifically for motorhomes with steps going up to a platform and Ian was able to give the roof a good clean. Took some photos of the huge racks of gas bottles that you see everywhere, all different colours, sizes and shapes, ready to be exchanged for empty ones. Such a huge stock. This would have to be one of the best setup supermarkets we have seen, not only this area for motorhomes including an area to dump wastes and refill with fresh water, but there is an outdoor self-service laundromat. Much an all as it would be wonderful to be parked beside spectacular views, it is not always possible.
It’s been a very pleasant afternoon and will hit the road again tomorrow, destination yet to be decided!

Row upon row of gas bottles.


With the mist rising and green trees the pictures remind me lots of NZ. Except for the chateaux... and the lovely wee villages. Not much to match them here.

Meanwhile, the trout are collecting here in the streams. I'm enjoying spending time just watching. Xx
PS - excited about your lengthy bike rides, looks like so much fun exploring that way.