Wednesday June 21 Castlenau-Durban

So many roads are lined with plane trees.

Morning chores of emptying and filling Ruakiwi, and a stop at the Supermarket before we headed off west on the D11 through to Carcassone, crossing the Canal du Midi several times. Thought we would stop at the village of Trebes just out of Carcassone where there were a number of locks, but it was midday, and everyone was out for lunch. The streets were just crowded especially the cafes on the canal and all the parking areas were full, it would have been hard to even find a spot for a car. Hoped we might find a place a little further out and walk back but it really was Mission Impossible. Very disappointed but will wait till we are at the other end of the canal where the cycle paths are excellent and do it by bike.
We continued on the D118 south to Quillan before heading west again on the D117. It really was a very enjoyable drive, firstly passing through mile upon mile of vineyards then as we rose into the hills there were beautiful valleys that were lush and green with hay being cut. Even saw some farms that were fenced into paddocks although very little stock visible. After Quillan it was a very steep windy road up to 600 metres and the foothills of the Pyrenees, then opening up into the valleys. As always there were little villages dotted throughout and Chateaus on hilltops. Mostly had to take “driveby” shots of there as just nowhere to pull over.
As we were driving I was checking out a few things and found that there was a “Voie Verte” or cycle path on an old railway line between Foix and Saint-Gerons, 42 km in length which sounded just what we had been looking for. Struggling to find somewhere suitable to stay when we spotted this Aire beside the road and not far from the cycle way. It is very shady underneath some very old plane trees and with the temperature hitting 34 degrees when we stopped, it was most welcome. Hate to think how hot it is down on the coast. There is a bit of road noise along with the church bells opposite us ringing every hour …. twice. Not sure why, but might need some earplugs.
After talking with Bonnie the other night I bought a duck breast (or Cannard in French) for dinner, they are so much cheaper than in NZ. I have never cooked one before but got all the instructions from Bonnie and hoping it tastes as good as she said it would. Planning to go riding tomorrow morning before it gets too hot.
Sunflowers, just starting to poke their heads.

Real summer weather
The roads through the towns are really narrow. I don't look if we meet another vehicle!


A great spot under the plane trees.


Pamlyn said…
Hmmm, 42ks Meg -that's the same as riding round Lake Rotorua. Bon chance!
Meg Lipscombe said…
That's only one way Lyn!!! Haha. Don't think we will get to see the whole track!