Friday November 4 – Dusseldorf

Delightful xmas scenes in the shop window.
 Once again a short update as not sure if I will get the chance to load again before we get back to UK.

Conny had a hair appointment in the city this morning so I went with her and got dropped off in the heart of Dusseldorf for 1 ½ hours. First stop was the huge and very grand department store of Kaufthof where Xmas had arrived. The windows were pure delight with large scenes of stuffed toys playing in the snow and doing all sorts of wonderful things. How I wish the grandies could have seen it all, I couldn’t get the smile off my face as I watched. Inside there were xmas trees and decorations everywhere, just so early but rather glad that I had the opportunity to see it. Mooched around and did a bit of shopping and thoroughly enjoyed just looking at this very different world.
The afternoon saw us going with Hitten to Aachen to collect Ruakiwi after her 24 hours with Mercedes, getting oils changed and filters etc as well as getting the driver’s window fixed, the electrics had a hiccup and the window couldn’t be operated. So, we are all A1 and ready for another 2 years on the road before needing anymore servicing.  Followed Hitten home in the dark without any issues then we had a last night celebration evening with Ian cooking some very good quality steak on the barbecue. Tomorrow we will be on the road again.


Anonymous said…
Beautiful pix and a busy time by the sound of things Meg...51 sleeps till Christmas!!
x Jen
Back to the lake for a few days Mon or Tues. D charged your battery and we took your car on a quick run to town last week. All good.