Sunday June 4, Tournon-sur Rhone

What are the odds when you are in France and have hardly spoken to anyone in English, and a French rental motorhome pulls in behind us tonight. Before long there is a guy with a beer saying “Gidday mate”! Quite amazing, Ian and Pam from Whangarei and their daughter Whitney who has been working in France are touring around for a month. As you can imagine we had a great evening over a vino or two catching up. The world is a small place and you never know when a kiwi will turn up. A great end to a day.
This has been the coolest day we have had for ages with quite a strong fresh breeze blowing. I didn’t resort to a sweater but it was getting close. Had another good ride on the bikes this morning, heading downriver this morning on the western side of the river following the same bike path as yesterday. A very nice ride through a few villages, and more orchards…scrumped a few apricots off the ground…Ian kept riding and didn’t own me! After about 12 kms the bike path ended, this is a section that obviously hasn’t been completed, so time to turn around. I was ever so grateful of our electric motors as we had a really strong head wind on the return, so turned my power up to turbo and back home in no time. Just a breeze.
No blue skies today.

Rapids on todays ride.
There was some sort of classic/vintage car show on in the centre of town when we got back. Not quite sure what it was all about but the car park was full of all sorts of cars and people were everywhere.

Not sure what this car was???

An old Renault.
Being Sunday we had to hunt around for a boulangerie that was open and there was only one loaf left when we arrived early afternoon. We have really enjoyed our “enforced” 4 day stopover here, and as Sarah and Lorraine mentioned in their comments yesterday it does make us relax and really feel like we are getting to know this town, and does make us feel like we are on holiday. I think we need more of these sort of stops on our travels.
Tomorrow it will be an early start as we need to be at Mercedes in Valence at 8am. Let’s hope they can sort out what is going on.
The kiwi neighbours.

Whitney, Pam and Ian - all the way from Whangarei!

The wee church on the hill tonight, with a few clouds.

A bit of double exposure play with my vase of wildflowers.


Julie Hill said…
It's always a treat to read your blogs Meg 😊
Julie Hill said…
It's always a treat to read your blogs Meg 😊
Pamlyn said…
Hope you can start!