Saturday April 29 – Wash day at Boston

 No tourist stuff today, just a good old work day! Time to give Ruakiwi a much-needed bath and a clean through of the inside then time to unpack our bags into her – surprisingly forgetting where things go and discovering things that I had forgotten I had left in the van. Such a good feeling getting the bed made up – it feels like we are home again.-

After a morning waterblasting, Ian’s cold got the better of him and he spent a good part of the afternoon in bed. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day for him. 
Steve and Kathy’s grandchildren are staying for the weekend, so good timing as we are sleeping overnight in Ruakiwi in their driveway. I didn’t get the camera out but thanks to Steve for some photos from his phone. 

Fun with Alicia - got to love the double chin!

Got you Steve!


Anonymous said…
Hey, hope your having fun. Alicia's very cute!!. Enjoy holland tomorrow!!. Love you- keely❤️
Welcome back Meg. If you are coming anywhere near North Yorkshire let me know.