Tuesday November 15, Heathrow…and the start of the return journey

Ruakiwi stored up for the winter, and all in one piece!
 Yesterday it was all go, giving Ruakiwi a vacuum, final tidy up and packing up our bags. We followed Steve and Kathy to the storage yard in Boston and left Ruakiwi parked up for the winter surrounded by lots of caravans and few campers for company. Steve and Kathy once again have been so unbelievably good to us, making all this so easy. We are extremely grateful.

And today Steve drove us to Heathrow, a 3 ½ hour trip down the M1. We had a good run through but plenty of action on the northern lanes including a full on call out for a car that was alight.  Having a lazy evening before tomorrow afternoon’s flight to Hong Kong. Looking forward to catching up with everyone.

Boston's war memorial after Remembrance Sunday