Sunday October 9, Bad Belzig

Nice lunch on a damp cold day

With rain still pattering down off and on all night, and chilly temperatures we sat down this morning with our maps. We have enjoyed just cruising around in the North East for the past 10 days, enjoying the historic villages but realised that we have just over 3 weeks left in Europe before heading to Conny and Gerharts, in Dusseldorf at the beginning of November to get some servicing work done on Ruakiwi. So decision made to head to the South west near Strasbourg and have a wander around this corner of Germany and France, and hopefully some warmer drier weather.
We stopped in Waren this morning and what a great feeling this holiday town has, mind you being end of season the crowds weren’t here so we enjoyed the atmosphere….with the odd shower of rain included! Ian was most impressed with the barges that had a caravan body on them to use as Lake House boats. Even saw brochures of barges where smaller motorhomes can be driven on to cruise the lake – maybe we need these at Tarawera!
After pottering around the cobbled streets, as always enjoying the old historic buildings and car free areas, we had a really nice fish lunch at a café on the waterfront. Nice young guy helped us try and read the menu, he was a university student and could speak English but said he gets little opportunity to use it.
By two, we were on the road, set Jilly to the south and before long we were on the autobahn. Cruising at 100kph in the slow lane with cars whizzing past us as there is no speed limit. But it didn’t last long as we had numerous traffic delays. The temperatures were sitting at 10 or below and the showers came and went as we crawled along. I found a Stellplatz not far off the autobahn at the town of Bad Belzig and we arrived just before six. A rather nice spot, with an area for Motorhomes beside the car park for the hot pools….realised the word “Bad” in the towns name means it has a “spa” or hot pool.
How's this for camping on the lake!

Waren, a very nice town

Love these man hole covers - been collecting them


Hundreds of cranes enjoying the left of grain

Autobahn Sunday afternoon traffic.


Anonymous said…
Good to see you back agin this morning Meg. Love the floral display outside the town hall and also the man hole covers...good thing it's only 10 degrees...the smell that wafts up through these in midsummer defies description!
x Jen